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FAQs 20170209

Q: It repeatedly refuse to connect to my Android device. The access device is a RCA Voyager 7” RCT6873W42 Android 6.0.1 bought specifically to have access to new aquarium lights. I had no trouble connecting to WiFi-Socket5e8d. The DSunY Turing application installed easily. I have done a power reset several times, but still get the message “Not connect to the light, is reconnection?” which I select yes or do the power reset.

A: Please uninstall the app first and reinstall it later. Launch the app and directly start quick start mode after you coneect the wifi ‘wifi-socketXXX’ . You can also try to connect the wifi with another android cell phone which operation system version is below Android 6.0. We plan to support Android 6.0 system before Mar 2017. We suggest that you contact us by email if the problem still exists after you try.

Q: My iPhone 6 does not connect with the lights, get the message Could not connect to the lights wifi network,Try again ? No or Yes

A: By now, our wifi does not support IOS 10. If your cell phone operation system is below IOS 10, please try to restart the controller box and reconnect the wifi. If still fail, please contact us by email directly.there is a security bug on IOS10.1. The IOS10.1 phone does not really connected to the wifi when there is no password, even it show connected.  Just support IOS 7.0,IOS8.0,IOS9.0,IOS10.2 or higher.

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